Our Story

An absolute passion and love for animals, nature, wildlife, and the environment brings this business to life.

We really do believe that with YOU, we can make a difference.


We created this company to help make a difference.  Our tag line "Working To Make A Difference" is not just a line, it is part of our mission.  There are so many organizations and charities in the U.S. and around the world working everyday to help all kinds of animals and protect the world we all live in.  These groups often struggle to raise enough money to do their important work, that is where we want to come in and help.  Nine and Change wants to raise awareness and money to help the groups.  We truly believe we can all work together to make a difference.

For every item purchased, $9 will go to the charities and organizations tirelessly working everyday to change the lives of all animals and the environment.  We guarantee it.

We want to create designs that show the issues we believe in, while raising awareness and maybe even get people to talk.

Right now, we are starting with t-shirts and tote bags, but who knows what will follow.

We are located in Texas.  At this moment we are a online start-up, but hopefully no one will hold that against us.

There is so much passion behind this business, we really believe in everything we are working to accomplish.


The team behind Nine and change: Janine and Paula

You can learn more about us and the passion behind starting this business at our website: www.nineandchange.com/ourstory.html

Although our team is small, we want to work to give as much money to groups with "boots on the ground".  That way, more animals and more of nature can be protected.


This is just the beginning.  We will always have the Forever Designs and will periodically add new ones, these will stay forever.  But, coming soon we will be adding Monthly Campaigns.  This will be 3 designs each month - 1 for each theme of domesticated animals, wildlife, and the environment - these designs will last for just 1 month and then fade into the sunset.  As always, $9 of each item will go to charity.


Thank you so much for being a part of what Nine and Change is working to do.

Janine and Paula